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Thanks for Visiting Home Living Guide Are you looking for a writing Opportunity with us then we would be happy to listen to your ideas. We are always appreciating original, Well- researched and creative content and if you think you are capable enough to make it possible then before writing for us please have a glance at our website to get ideas that how we personalized our content for our readers.

Our Mission

As a home improvements website our mission is to deliver original, well-researched, and fresh Strategies that provide actionable tips. We always looking forward to listening to our client’s improvements goal range from DIY cabinet making to painting, from landscaping to deliver interior designing too and many more. We aim to assist our customers to add some extra value to their property.

Guest Blogging Opportunity

  • Furnishing Ideas.
  • Home Security.
  • DIY helpful Tips.
  • Home Upkeep.
  • Interior Design.
  • Kitching
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Design.
  • Green Living.
  • Decorating.
  • Construction.
  • Air conditioning & Heating.
  • Bath & shower.
  • Roofing.

Requirments In a Guest Article

  • Our prime focus is content quality hence your content must be very interesting which easily grabs the attention of our readers and should very informative.
  • Your Content must include some creative ideas and informative advice which helps the customer to connect with their requirements.
  • When you are writing a guest for us you should keep this thing in mind that we don’t appreciate any repost or copied post which already used on any other website. We will only accept the article which is exclusively written for homelivingguide.com.
  • you can add even a backlink if you are writing a related and relevant article for us and your blog too, however, we can allow you only for one backlink and only consider the relevant point for your blog.
  • Whatever pictures and links you are using in your article must not entertain any copy write issue, as we have a dedicated team to check all those things properly.
  • No written content that is copied from other websites is authorized to be published by you and if we notice that your article is being plagiarised, our homelivingguide.com Guidelines specifically delete your article because we do not appreciate this kind of hard work.
  • Whenever you are thinking to share your ideas we would like to suggest you write your article in such a way that can easily connect with customer thoughts and keep your writing languages very lucid so that it becomes readers friendly and very concise and engaging.
  • Your article length must be between 1000-2500 words depending on your subject complexity. Generally, publish an average of 1200 words article not less than that and your article must contain a custom illustration of your ideas and rigorously edited tutorial would be preferred.
  • We do not publish an article that promoting any products, tools & service, etc. It should uphold the ideals of non-selectivity, rationality, and impartiality.
  • Before sending us a message please consider yourself to share your ideas pitch for “Write for Us” for our website, if your article is already written that matching our category where you want to contribute please send us a link, our team will check, and if its matches our guidelines we would appreciate your hard work and will publish your article in our homelivingguide.com.

How to Submit A Guest Post

  • Email your article through serptrustmarketing@gmail.com
  • We would like your article to be in Google Docs so that our dedicated team can share feedback about your writing and suggest how you can improve your write up for the future post within your draft.
  • Please do not send us any Zip file of your article if we need a Zip file for us you will be informed by our Editors.
  • You can add one link in your author bio but make sure it should not be a promotional one to get your article published on our XYZ.com.
  • Links are not allowed to assist the subject in blog postings, case studies, surveys, and journal articles.

What not to do while writing Guest Article

  • We at homelivingguide.com, do not release any product, tools, and services promotional posts, etc. The principles for non-selectivity, neutrality, and reasonableness should be maintained.
  • No written material copied from another site can be published by us, and if you are aware of the plagiarism of your post, our XYZ.com guidelines clearly remove your article, as this kind of hard work is not appreciated by us.
  • If you need a Zip file you will be notified of our Publisher, please do not give us a Zip file for your post.

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In closing terms, we welcome and encourage all accomplished and fresher authors to our online forum to showcase their writing skills to our readers. The main aim is to engage more and more readers of our site through your creative writing and to make this website robust with up-to-date knowledge for Home well-designed readers. So, pick your favorite domain and join us to make this online platform bigger.

Let us grow together, guy!

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