How to make sand concrete

Many people want to decorate and uniquely prepare their floor because it is the floor of the home which adds more attraction to the house. There are a variety of options which you can do at your home To decorate it. Among these, sand concrete is the best you can use because it is very easy to maintain and easy to clean. It provides a very smooth surface to the concrete floor and hence you can easily do it by either machine or your hand. It is durable as well as cost-effective in long term.

How to make sand concrete

There are generally two options for sanding the floor in which the first method is go sanding the floor with the sand machine which will be a little bit expensive but it would give a proper finish and clean surface. The second method is the traditional method which you can do by the hands. But the methods will give you similar if you do it properly. There is no difference between the preparation process because the material which needs to be used in the surface would be the same.

Step 1: Preparation Phase

If you need a proper outcome then you have to be sure that your preparation process has been performed very well. If you don’t pay attention while preparing the mixture, then you will not be able to bring out the outcome to get a clean and smooth surface. If you want to prepare the best mixture of applying the SAND complete in your home then you have to prepare it with proper proportions.

You will need this proper rotary machine so that you can mix the mixture very well. While preparing next you have to keep certain things such as the patchy slurry Which can match The colour of your concrete to make it more attractive And some protective gear so that it would be safe to use it. Apart from this, you will need a cleaning solution and electric Lena so that you will get a clean and smooth surprised SAND concrete.

Strep 2: Beginning to sand

There is no other work remaining after the solution is prepared because once the mixture is prepared then you can apply it on the floor to give a smooth and clean surface in your home. You don’t have to perform hard and fast things because the mixture will be prepared automatically in the rotary machine and then you have to lay down all Prepared SAND concrete on the floor. You just have to be clear how much quantity of this material should be spread in every corner of the house. You need to make partitions in the room to distribute the material because there is an uneven surface somewhere in the room. After you laid down the mixture, you have to gently move The sanding machine on the floor to get it done to go in a good better way so that it can look more attractive.

Step 3: Cleaning and level along the way

Once the whole process is done properly, then you have to take a second round on the floor again because some corners of the room might get uneven. There are chances that A vacuum has been formed between the concrete and you have to got that out with the vacuum cleaner. Once it is done properly, then you have to ensure that the level of the note is in even condition because that only will be possible to make it more attractive and elegant.

Benefits of sand concrete

•There are various benefits from SAND concrete because it has a smooth and clean surface and you can do a variety of things with this surface. It provides a very well Interior design by a proper finish which looks very good in the room. You can also paint it with the extra colours which will add extra beauty to the room. It is a very significant kind of project which everyone should do an Indian home because it adds a feeling of luxury essential in the room. Moreover, it is very easy to do which you can do by yourself or buy the machine which will make your floor very smooth and clean.

•If you have a concrete floor, you will see many edges and damages or cracks in the floor which doesn’t look good. If any liquid or any dust fall in that cracks, you will not be able to clean them easily. This looks very bad in the design of the room. If you have very good architecture home then you don’t want anything to be an event. To solve this issue, there is a solution of SAND concrete give you A proper clean surface similar to the tiles or marbles.

•Apart from these amazing features, it has a very tough surface which is strong and durable for the long term. Even though it is a very thin surface, but it will provide you are strong and rigid textured Finish on which you can perform the daily activities as usual. You don’t have to mind heavyweight things. You can easily roughly use the surface. This will not get damaged easily. Even if it gets damaged, you can repair it by hands by applying a small amount of SAND mixture which can be prepared at the home.

• it is a very simple process, which can be done in a short period. Many people spend much time decorating their floor with expensive tiles and costly marbles. But applying this SAND concrete to your home will save much of your time and money. You will be proud after applying this mixture on the concrete because it is as strong as tiles. Apart from this, it will provide you with such a smooth surface and you can paint and decorate as per your choice. There are no limits to the surface and it is the best thing about it.

• The last and most amazing thing of the SAND concrete is that it can be cleaned by using water and detergents as you can do on the normal floor. No harmful effects or damages would be seen on the floor because it is completely durable and strong. You can easily wipe it out with the cloth whenever there is dust or liquid fall on the floor and you can also clean it with the vacuum cleaner. Many people are afraid that small particles of the SAND would be suck by the way complaint but it is not true in the case.


As you have completely understood from the above details that this SAND concrete is completely effective and durable and everyone can adopt it in their house for cost-effective measures. It will stay in good condition for a very long time and you can use it roughly also.

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