Tired or mouse roaming in your home? Need a full-proof solution, right? The mouse is a wild creature that has been disturbing human beings or human living spaces since we were in caves. The rats are said to be the small creatures, but they act very smart, and they are. 

They don’t need much food and require very little water that is their advantage which help them to stay in modern buildings and sewers. These mice can be dangerous too.  

They will always find a way to enter your houses quietly and results in mass destruction. The things are not only about defeat but also these rats can cause you or can injure you badly. They carry diseases with them, and many people are allergic to some of the infectious germs they have. 

People talk about some effective poisons or medicines to prevent these mice in their house. Many researchers and people have tried to make some effective poisons, and they were also successful in their jobs. So, let’s have a look at some homemade mouse poison to get rid of house mice.


For this homemade mouse poison, you will only need two things: chicken broth and boric acid. Chicken broth has some attractive smells and flavors, which will help in attracting rats near it. Boric acids and chicken broth makes an effective poison. 


  • While making any poison, you should always wear safety clothes like gloves, which will help your skin prevent any misleading acid.
  • Do not ever taste or smell any poison.


  • Pour one cup of boric acid and then mix chicken broth. You can accordingly add the mixtures the amount you want to make. 
  • You can add chicken broth until you get a consistency in your paste. Remember, the mixture should be thick enough.
  • You can balance accordingly while adding the correct amount of mixtures.
  • Roll the paste in large balls as big as stone, then keep that balls in a small jar or disposable items and keep them out of children’s reach. 
  • Place the balls in the area where rats visit more frequently. 
  • The taste of chicken broth will attract the mouse, and they will eventually die because of the boric acid.


Another great way to kill the infectious creature mouse is by using baking soda poison. Many of us are already aware of this technique, so let’s discuss it more. 

This also signifies that baking soda is so useful from cleaning to killing. To make this poison, you will only need flour, sugar and baking soda. The scientist has described this method as the simplest and most comfortable and effective way to kill the mouse in your house.


  • Do not taste or smell the poison
  • Mix all the ingredients properly so that rats would not be able to identify baking soda.
  • Wear safety measures before making any poison.


  • Add one cup of sugar, one cup of flour and one cup of baking soda in a bowl.
  • Mix the ingredients well and make sure that rats would not get aware of baking soda.
  • The chemical in baking soda will react in the mouse’s stomach and form some harmful chemicals, leading to its death.


This chemical poison is also known as an excellent homemade remedy to get rid of the mouse. 

When this plaster of Paris goes inside the stomach of rats, it will lead to hard gypsum formation and resulting leave them to die. Plaster of Paris is a chemical, which is also used in ceiling or walls. When this chemical is mixed with any liquid, it forms hard gypsum. 


  • Make the balls of correct posture, not to large or not too small
  • Do not taste the mixture
  • Wear safety gear.


  • Add a little amount of Plaster of Paris and cornmeal in a bowl.
  • Then add one cup of milk into the mixture and knead the dough.
  • You can add more liquid if the ingredients seem to be dry.
  • Wrap it in the shape of balls, and place it in the mouse frequently visits.
  • Check after some days that the mouse has eaten the balls or not and then replaces it.


This is the most traditional and common way of getting rid of muse and avoiding entering your house again. Mice are curious when they see new things in their environment. You can use this technique in your home with less and easy items needed.


  • Place the rattrap where mouse most frequently visits.
  • Do not keep fresh cheese, peanuts, etc.


  • Take a rattrap which should not be broken and has a strong spring attached to it.
  • Place a slice of cheese, peanuts, butter or chocolates aside the string.
  • Keep the rattrap where mice can easily be caught.
  • When the mouse is caught, cover the rattrap with any hard thing and then throw it out.

As this is the oldest method, many people still use this technique to get rid of naught mice.


Ammonia is a chemical compound made from nitrogen and hydrogen. This poison has been proven an effective one, as the smell of ammonia is mostly similar to the rodents and mice’s urine. Let’s have a look at the ingredients or items needed for the process of making poison.


  • Cover your face with a mask.
  • Do not even taste the mixture.
  • Wear safety gear.


  • Add two spoons of detergent and two cups of ammonia and a quarter of water in a bowl.
  • Mix the ingredients very well and put it in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the poison under the tables, beds and all over the kitchen where mice most frequently appear.
  • The ammonia spray does not kill the rat, but this is the most effective method to keep rodents away from your house.
  • The pungent smell acts as the best and an effective manner.

Final Note

As we discussed above, these are the most effective homemade remedies or poisons to get rid of the mouse in your house. These mice are so dangerous for health and carry so many infectious diseases when they bite. 

One of the most dangerous contagious diseases when rodents bite is a plague. Due to these small and intelligent creatures, many people are tensed. Try to make the above homemade poisons in your home and get rid of the mice. Many scientists and researchers especially test these all effective toxins. 

Not only following these poison steps procedure, but mice can also be avoided from keeping your area sanitize and making a clean environment as the inadequate sanitization will attract the rats. I am sure that by using the above techniques and by following some more safety and cleaning procedures, you will be able to get off this small and innovative wild creature.

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