Best Folding Tables and Chairs For Kids

When it comes to choosing the best kids folding tables and chairs sets, you must ensure that proper research has been done before purchasing one. By research here we mean to consider the matters related to safety, comfort, child-friendly design and so on. Heavy-duty tables and chairs may prove to be better for outdoor use. But if you intend to keep it inside and would prefer your child to be able to carry the chairs themselves, then you must ensure that it’s convenient for use. 

Kid’s furniture plays a vital role in how their posture will grow. 

The table and chair set has come a long way from being straight chairs and tables to the designer table and chairs as per the choice of upcoming and present children. Also, along with the specified designs, parents prefer a comfortable, durable and safe set of chair and table with a benefit of folding and storing that wherever they want.

Here are some of the brands you can go for your child’s comfort set for chairs and tables:

Cosco kid’s five pieces folding chair and table set

Cosco’s five pieces folding chair and table sets are the most sturdy and robust table with padded ends on both the table and chair on the feet so that it remains firmly on the ground and won’t over quickly.

 It is recommended for children aged eight and below but will require adult guidance and supervision to put the table together and fold the chairs away. The steel material of the table and chairs make it practical for both inside and outside. The chairs do fold away, making them easy to store away when needed. 


  • Sturdy and robust steel material
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors use
  • Great for art and craft activities
  • Colourful design 


  • The table has legs that screw in; they do not fold down 
  • Not as comfortable material for seating 

Canopy kid folding table and chair set with umbrella seat

Canopy serves with a unique and fully equipped with two foldable chairs, an umbrella canopy and a circular table. This table and chair set is an ideal companion for an outdoor campaign or picnic trip. The material used in production is suitable for children up to 6 years. 

The seats are made up of comfortable material instead of hard plastic. The table legs serve with cushioned padding on each of the four corners leading the whole set stable.


  • Fun and unique design as per kids choices
  • Ideal for keeping children dry in the rains or protect them from the harsh rays from the sunlight
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Soft materials on the seat


  • Not an ideal for children aged above six years
  • Not mainly designed for indoor use

Global house iron MDF PVC sponge blue kids folding table with upholstered chair

This set of table and chair is designed explicitly without compromising on style or design along with the features of sturdy and robust for durability. 

The stunning blue seat is served with fitted cushions that are made up from soft upholstery and stuffed with a sponge. This set is convenient as well as practical for study, eat, or get creative sometimes.


  • Manufactured with reliable and durable material 
  • Stylish design 
  • Serves soft and comfortable seat
  • Little pads on the bottom of the table and chair for the floor protection and added stability 
  • Easy to swipe and keep it clean


  • Not suitable for younger children
  • Screwing is required to assemble them

Flash furniture kids colourful 5 piece folding table and chair set

Flash furniture set of table and chair is ideal for the performances of child-friendly activities. The table is designed for easy to swipe and make the surface makes it suitable for performing messy activities such as colouring, painting, and playing with art and craft or indulging into practical activities like studying and eating. 

The foam padding below the chair legs is useful or say ideal when dragged across the floor. It was suitable for the kids aged up to 5-6 years.


  • Easy to fold
  • Ease to clean and wipe down 
  • Sturdy and healthy in the matter of durability 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to store and move away


  • Metal chairs may be proven as heavy for kids to lift or move
  • Height of table and chairs are not adjustable

Selva 5 pieces multicolour folding set of table and chairs

This set of tables and chairs are designed with both the table and chairs featured with folding and thus, allowing extra space in your home. The chairs are lightweight keeping in mind for ease of children to lift and move the chairs as per their preference. The padded seats are designed with soft and comfortable material and will be able to hold the weight of children up to 59 kg. 

The set is manufactured from powder-coated, heavy-duty steel, this table and chair set is perfect for all kinds of child-friendly activity.


  • Easy to fold away 
  • The hard surface of the table is ideal for drawing and painting without ripping a paper
  • Sturdy tables and chairs made up of steel 
  • Lightweight so kids can carry easy


  • Potential for children to get their finger trapped in 
  • Requires adults to help to assemble and disassembling of the set

Kidkraft farmhouse table and chairs

Kidkraft farmhouse set serves with four chairs and a table in the set. This set of furniture is made up of the pecan veneer wood that gives it a look like a genuine hardwood and the table and chairs have simple lines that will make complements for many interior designs. 

The tabletop is designed in a perfect size to induce outdoor activities like play projects as well as indoor activities like eating, offering plenty of room for the kid to spread out puzzles, art materials, craft and many more. Besides beautiful design and excellent quality, the set is extremely sturdy and robust and are even able to accommodate the adults.


  • Designed full-sized to induce indoor and outdoor activities
  • Five designable pieces set
  • Chairs are prepared even to accommodate adults


  • Surface scratched easily 
  • Due to the designed line, it may cause a problem in wiping

Lifetime kids folding table and chair set

Lifetime kids folding set is designed for both the messy outdoor projects as well as indoor inducing projects like eating, reading, and even crafting. The plastic components used in the manufacturing are UV protected and ease one to wipe clean, and the metal legs and locking mechanism are rust resistance. 

Its high density polyethene tabletop is supported by four tubular powdered coated steel legs of the table that locks securely in the place at the time of usage. 


  • Folds down for storage 
  • Durable construction
  • Great and worthy as it costs less comparatively


  • Not very stylish or designed

Tot tutors kids plastic table and chair set

Tot tutors set is specifically designed, keeping in mind the ease to assemble, clean and is affordable. The vibrant chairs may appeal to kids, but most adults would find the mismatched, colourful chairs a bit less charming. The3 set comes in multiple colours and is lightweight for kids to uplift and move them as per their preference. 

It is suitable for both outdoor, and indoor use and the seats of the chairs are sturdy and comfortable for children to induce their daily basis activities. Along with bright colors, the set is perfect for the childcare business that she/he owns.


  • Affordable
  • Multiple varieties to choose
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for both outside and indoor use


  • Lightweight and can easily jostle

Baybee deluxe comfort folding set

The deluxe comfort booster seat is designed as a comfortable and convenient solution suitable for kids up to 5 years providing high-quality set. The set serves with a 3 point safety harness that ensures safety for the child. The set comes with a detachable and adjustable snack tray, booster seat that can be used as feeding chair for infants. The set contains a safety belt which makes it easy to secure the booster seat for dining chair. The ultra-compact folding design provides optimum storage and portability. Being compact, small, and light weighed this booster is travel friendly.


  • 2 in 1 booster chair
  • 3 point safety harness
  • Includes detachable and adjustable feeding tray
  • Travel friendly
  • Extra seat pad
  • Built-in cup holder


  • Does not have a proper sturdy base
  • The tray is not scratched proof

Trugood baby seat swing multipurpose kids feeding set 

Trugood serves with the fantastic feature of multipurpose functionality. Foldable back of the chair and it’s securely safe belts make the set compatible and also the strong strings are provided as a part of the set that ensures the user to hang up the seat as a swing for younger ones. 

The set is suitable for kids aged up to 3 years and comes with a detachable tray for feeding and washing purpose. The set does not have sharp ends that ensure baby’s safety. 


  • Contains a large food tray for feeding
  • Includes safety belts
  • Multipurpose set 
  • Less expensive
  • Travel friendly
  • Comes in varied colours


  • The back of the chair is a bit tricky


Every kid loves to have the furniture that fits his/her height along with the parents preference for space-saving. The set of table and chair as per the choice of kids serves attention and initiative for the kids to study well. Stunning range of furniture allows kids to sit comfortably and induce activities like reading, playing and getting their hands into creativity which would lead them for better future growth. 

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