Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems

We generally hear about fires breaking out in various factories and plants. It is really tragic to hear about the losses incurred. Fires in homes are no exception to it. Many times, there are cases related to fire outbreak in homes due to voltage fluctuations or while using heavy appliances like heaters in winters. Maybe, it is not very easy to predict the happening of a fire. However, precautionary measures must be taken to minimize the damages. This article contains all such information related to fire sprinkler systems.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

1. Wet Pipe System

In wet pipe system of fire sprinklers, water is instantly directed towards the piping via the sprinkler heads through a spontaneous source of water supply. This is the most commonly used water sprinkler system using it is not very complex and at the same time, it provides a quick action.

2. Dry Pipe Systems

This is generally used at places where the temperature is low enough to freeze the water present in wet pipe systems. To avoid this, dry pipe water sprinklers are used at such places. In dry pipe systems, air replaces the area where water was kept as under wet pipe systems. So, whenever the water sprinkler is turned on, the air comes out first followed by water. This is the reason why dry pipes are preferred in those areas where the temperature is comparatively lower.

3. Foam Water Systems

Fires have different causes, and the intensity of destruction varies depending on the factor that led to the outbreak. Foam water systems are used for more serious outbreaks. For instance, when there is the presence of highly flammable liquids, the consequences can be more serious. Foam water systems use a combination of water and foam, which is more useful in the case mentioned above.

4. Deluge Systems

Deluge systems are preferably used in places where there are higher chances of the fire getting spread. Deluge systems get activated on their own as and when the alarm signals. All the water sprinkler heads start functioning simultaneously whenever a fire happens. This allows more water to run through which helps in curbing the spreading fire at a much faster pace.

Fire Sprinkler Heads

There are four major types of fire sprinkler heads. There is not much difference in the way they look. However, they serve different purposes and applications. Thus, one must make an informed decision in choosing the fire sprinkler head to be used. Here are the different types:

1. Pendent Head

The pendent head fire sprinkler is seen hanging from the ceiling pipes. It uses a convex deflection technique to spread the water in a conical pattern. There are two categories of pendent heads. The first one or the modern one is hidden behind a decorative plate whereas the traditional one remains exposed.

2. Upright Head

This kind of water sprinkler head is generally preferred in areas where the temperature is freezing. Unlike, pendent head, it uses a concave deflector to spread water upward in a domed shape. Since they spread water upwards, there are lesser chances of ice debris getting collected on the top.

3. Sidewall Head

Sidewall Heads are preferably installed alongside walls. It is used in cases where ceiling piping is a bit difficult. It uses a semi-circular deflector which sprays the water out in a crescent-shaped contour. They are structured to suit small areas like a room or a lobby or hallway etc.

4. Concealed Head

Concealed sprinkler heads are used to provide a covering plate to other sprinkler heads discussed above. It activates the head as it uses a heat-sensitive plate. When the temperature reaches just 15-20 degrees lower than the fire, it gets melted. This way, the plate gets detached from the surface of the head leading to its automatic activation. These plates come in a variety of forms and patterns including metallic and wood finishes. These can be chosen as per your preference.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

First of all, it is very important to choose a high-quality fire sprinkler system. You must ensure that it is of a reputed brand and also has a warranty period. Buying good-quality equipment is not the only important step, getting it installed properly is also very crucial. The job of installation must be given to an experienced worker. A casual approach in this regard can be too risky. Therefore, you must ensure that you get your fire sprinkler system installed only from a certified company. Professional guidance can also be sort in deciding as to which kind of water sprinkler systems or heads are most suitable for your home or factory. Only after a good amount of consultation relating to both choosing and installation, the final decision should be made.

Fire Sprinkler System Costs

The costs associated with fire sprinklers vary depending upon the size and type of fire sprinkler system bought. Along with it, costs also include expenses related to the installation of the proper piping system and other charges depending upon the extent of professional help hired.
If we consider fire sprinklers for 3-bedroom type house, it roughly costs around £2000. If you buy it from a reputed brand, it comes with a warranty period of at least 10 years. For bigger industrial buildings, the cost might come out to be around £35 per square metre.
The combined costs are not very high considering the valuable task they aim to perform. In short, the damages they can prevent is definitely worth the price paid for it!

Why are Fire Sprinklers so Underrated ?

Fire Sprinklers are of great help when incidents like fires have become so common. There are so many societies and areas where the installation of fire sprinklers has been made mandatory. For instance, as a part of the Building Safety Bill, Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, has made the installation of fire sprinklers compulsory in buildings that rise above 11m in height. In many instances, fire sprinklers have come to rescue whenever a building or house was struggling with a fire.
So, considering its importance, you must be wondering why it is that fire sprinklers are so underrated. There is a misconception that people carry which becomes the reason contributing to its unpopularity. Since fire sprinklers have been used for ages now, people believe that they have become outdated in today’s modern era. However, it is not so as they have been continuously transformed to suit the changing needs. In short, people should remove their hesitations relating to the same and get one installed in their houses or factories, too!


It cannot be denied that fire sprinklers were, are and will always continue to do their task effectively. Considering that complying by fire safety norms is something very serious, fire sprinklers must be installed by everyone. This was all about fire sprinkler systems. Hope this article was helpful!

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