Fire Extinguishers and how are they your legal obligation

Fire Extinguishers

We can never predict when we meet a disaster. Mishaps never knock you on the door. They can arrive anytime and you might not be prepared for it at all. And when you are not prepared for all the possible mishaps that you can meet, your chances of escaping at is minimal. A fire outbreak is one such mishap that can take place at any given time. This is why fire safety is not a choice to make. If you are running commercial space or if you have an apartment for the accommodation of families, then installing a fire extinguisher is not a choice but a must for you. The fire management plan is responsible for carrying out fire safety during the outbreak of fire. And for the implementation of the plan, space must have a fire extinguisher.

Types of fire extinguisher

There are 7 types of fire extinguishers and they are:

  1. Water and foam based fire extinguisher which is responsible for the separation of oxygen element from all the other elements.
  2. CO2 extinguisher also works to remove the heat from the fire and take out the oxygen from the fire triangle.
  3. A dry chemical extinguisher is used to interrupt a chemical reaction in a fire triangle
  4. Wet chemical extinguishers are used to remove the heat from the fire triangle and also prevent the oxygen to react with other elements in a chemical mishap.
  5. The clean agent fire extinguisher depletes the halocarbon agents and also removes heat from the fire
  6. The dry powder extinguishers remove heat from the fire.
  7. The water mist extinguisher is also meant to remove heat from the fire.

How many fire extinguishers do I need?

How many fire extinguishers do I need

If you go by the rule then a minimum of two class fire extinguishers is required for every floor in a building. If you have small premises then you can skip one or two floors of a building. But you must have a 2 kg CO2 extinguisher. If you are having 415 volts rated electric equipment then you should go for a 5 KG one. You might not even ever seal the requirement of using a fire extinguisher at your place. But having one is utterly important.

The number of fire extinguishers that you need to install at your place depends on the size of the area that you live in. Undoubtedly if you have extinguishers at your place then you will be on the safer side. The installation of the fire extinguishers also depends on whether space is classified as a high-risk area or a low-risk area. but there is even a thumb rule which is used for installing fire extinguishers. The total area in a square meter of the space is divided by 200 and that many number of fire extinguishers are considered to be necessary.

But if your space has a sprinkler or an automatic system of separation then you might choose to install a fewer number of fire extinguishers at the place. You can speculate all of these factors and calculate the number of fire extinguishers that you require to install at your place. Do not compromise on that part because it is all about safety. And even a single life matters. Installing this life-saving equipment can help people save their life if there is a fire break out at the place.

Where to put them?


Placing the fire extinguisher is also a real trick. You cannot just place a fire extinguisher anywhere you want. And there is a reason behind it. If there is a fire break out at a place, then you cannot expect any of the staff of the building to come and use the fire extinguisher and save the people in the building. Because you can never predict in what situation can a fire break out take place. And you can even never make sure that your staff is available in the building always. This is why you have to install a fire extinguisher in a place that can be accessed by almost everyone. And the fire extinguisher must also be visible.

To place fire extinguishers at the right place where they are accessible as well as visible, we are required to consider various things. If the fire extinguisher is water-based or if it is a CO2 fire extinguisher then they should be placed near the exit. A person running for his life will not look for a fire extinguisher. Hence. You have to make sure that the fire extinguisher is vividly noticeable during the Breakout of fire. You can also choose them to install near the fire alarm points so that people can be encouraged to find a way out of the fire.

If you are thinking of where to place a fire extinguisher, then you can also use the 30-meter rule. According to this rule if space or a workspace is classified as a low-risk place, then the sitting arrangements of each of the employees should be in such a manner that they are appropriately 30 meters away from the fire extinguisher.

There are specialist extinguishers as available such as dry powder for the outbreak of class c fires. These fire outbreaks mostly take place in wet chemical extinguishers and boiler rooms in the kitchens. And hence the extinguisher should be easily available within the reach of an individual. The dry powder extinguisher should be placed in the plant rooms or within the server.

If you see that the extinguisher is a heavy one, then it will have a different break off installation. You will have to make sure that the fire extinguisher is placed at a height of 1 meter with the handle so that it is easy to use. And if you are thinking of placing a fire extinguisher outside then you should use for more a water-based fire extinguisher that is loaded with an anti-freezing agent.

These are the few things that you need to consider while installing a fire extinguisher and placing it. A person who is stuck in some mishap can never find something easily. We also need to make sure that you are installing. The fire extinguisher at a place that is visible and is easy to access. People will never come towards it looking for it. The fire extinguishers have to be placed at a place where there are visible without any effort.

Servicing and maintenance of the fire extinguishers


Whenever you installed any device or recruitment at your place, some maintenance or servicing is required after a given time. You cannot be careless about the fire extinguishers that you have installed at your place. They must be in proper working condition so that they can save lives when there is a requirement. And to make sure that they are competent enough to save lives, you need to do few things for maintenance purposes. The first major requirement is that the RP should come and give visual checks to this equipment every month. Do not temper or cut down on the monthly checking of fire extinguishers. If there is a refiling or a replacement required for the fire extinguishers installed in a place, then one must go for it as well. The extinguishers with CO2 are required to be replaced every decade. And any other kind of extinguishers must be replaced within a time frame of two decades.

Final Words

Fire extinguishers are important installments in any commercial or domestic space. It is a lifesaver when there is a fire breakout. Hence these are the legal obligations that you are exposed to. Because every life matter

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