Top 10 features of fire doors


The fire doors are the special kind of those which are meant to resist role in the fire for a longer period. These doors are meant to curb the spread of fire from one area to another. Fire doors are considered to be a major installment in the working environment and most of the commercial spaces because they have life-saving properties. There are few features of fire doors that one must know. If you are wondering about the features of it then you have to step that the right space. Here we’ll discuss the features of fire doors and detail and understand the vitality of installing them in the commercial spaces. So stay tuned and do not miss out on any features so that you can be completely enlightened about fire doors.

The fire doors have many components

when we talk about the composition of them. But the major component of a fire door is a solid Timber frame. Timber is a strong textured wood that is used in most furniture. But sometimes it can also be covered with fire-resistant glass. This kind of glasses is meant to withstand a roaring fire during any mishap. They are available in the market after undergoing a fire test. These glasses can easily stand high temperatures and curb the spread of fire from one place to another.


An instrument seal

if you notice at the age of the door you can see an instrument seal on the fire doors. This is one of the major property of fire those that help in risk management. The fire breakout is an unpredictable condition. During the time of fire breakout, these instruments expand and the door is completely sealed which is why the fire does not escape out from the door and reach the other areas of the same place.


Fire doors are good for private properties as well

if there is private property or private premises then it is strongly recommended that fire doors should be installed there to make sure that you are managing the risk well. A lot of electrical devices are provided in a home and if your home is newly built and one of the rooms of your home catches fire then the whole house may catch fire. So you must consider this point and install the fire door. But these are legally advisable in houses with multiple occupations.


Commercial purpose

fire breaks out is a mishap that is never planned. You never know when a fire Breakout destroys everything. And the most hazardous suffering is the loss of lives. The places with commercial purposes are always advised to install fire doors. This is why the owner of the property is always held responsible if the fire records are not managed properly due to the lack of installation of fire doors. Fire doors help curb the spread of fire from one place to another. It is a great deal to save the whole building at once if a part of it catches fire due to some mishap.


Only a fire door cannot be enough

fire doors are meant to curb the spread of fire but they cannot curb the fire Breakout completely. Professional help is required if there is a fire Breakout with severe destruction. But there are other things which should be necessarily installed in the place like escape routes, warning systems lighting, etc. Other passive fire equipment is also necessary when it comes to cutting off the spread of fire. A fire door can only save the other parts of the same area from catching fire.



If you are about to install a fire door then you should also know the specification of them. Every code is a term that is used for fire doors to see how many minutes can they stand a severe fire break out. The FD 30 has been tested to withstand the fire for up to 30 minutes. Likewise, the most famous quotes which are generally used are FD 30 and FD 60. There are many other specifications of fire doors BS 476-22. These technical things appear difficult but one must know them properly before installation of fire doors


Fire doors with a smoke seal

The installation of a fire door can also be disadvantageous. Fire doors do not let the smoke go out from the room which is why people die out of the smoke. If there is a smoke seal, then there can be leakage of smoke. That ventilation should be there in the infrastructure real plan of a building. If you are looking for the installation of fire doors then you should also pay attention to planning ventilation which can help the smoke go out during any case of fire break out. The vent can be life-saving.


How does the fire door work

there are critical components of the fire door which take an active part in the performance of it? The smaller changes in the fire door bring about huge differences. The fire door tightly fits in due to the melting of an instrument in the edge of the door which escapes the fire from spreading to other spaces. The door is also fire resistant due to a glass installed on it. This is how the fire spread does not leak out of the particular area.


How can a fire door be identified

a fire door looks like any other common door in the building but areas like corridor staircase and service from have a fired or installed and they’ll have a sign on the door much of the working of the fire door is dependent on the proper installation of it. Hence the fire door can only work well if they are installed properly. If the installation is not properly done then the iron steel will not expand properly and the fire can escape out of the door easily.


The door closers of fire doors

if there is a fire door installed then there will be a door closer with it as well. These closers are installed and fit well so that the closing and opening process is correct and the fire doors can be used easily. If you find that there is an issue with the door closer or any other part of the fire door then you should someone a full inspection of the door to the specialist.



These are the few things that one must know about fire doors. The little intricacies like specification cut the door and the parts of the doors are important for people to know. Here is hoping that we couldn’t lighten all our readers with appropriate information about fire doors.

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