Best DIY Garage Door Repair Tips

Garages are a very essential part of our homes. To park your car, to store some rarely used furniture, or to keep anything occupying extra space in your house, a garage is a go-to place. It is supremely important to have your garage door is always in working condition. Imagine you know the hack for every small or large damage that occurs to your garage door? Sounds amazing right?

We have brought some quick garage door repair DIY for you all. Hope these are going to help you out in whatever small or large problems you face with your garage door.

How to Repair Doors (Step by Step)

If you have automated garage doors and you just press a button for closing or opening it, then problems occurring in that operation are very common. Sometimes, all of a sudden, the doors won’t open when you press the button or it won’t close but that’s not a big problem. We have got some solutions for you.

You should try changing your batteries. It’s a very common problem with a battery-driven lock system that the battery drains out. And before you call some mechanic to get it serviced, you must try changing your batteries by yourself. If it doesn’t work that way also, look at the eye sensors put at the bottom of the doors. If you feel that they are dirty and they have caught dirt then take a microfiber cloth and clean them gently. Sometimes they also get off the alignment. In that case, try to correct its alignment. These small issues can cause large problems for you and these small solutions can solve them too! Try it by yourself.

If your garage door makes weird crackling and screeching sounds, then it might need some time to look after it. Due to changes in season, temperature, and wear and tear of the doors, this problem occurs very commonly. Whenever nuts, bolts, hinges contract and expand doors start to produce these crackling sounds, these sounds can be controlled easily. You should try tightening all the bolts and nuts. All the bolts that support your rails to support the bracket should be tight to avoid any kind of rattling and crackling sound. You should not remove the lower roller bracket as it is being attached to a high tension cable. Although it will not be a big task for you still, if you do not feel like doing it, taking some professional help won’t harm you.

Another thing you can do when your door is producing a screeching or rattling sound is that, lubricating it. It happens very often that due to less use or seasonal change or any other thing, the movement of the doors does not remain the same and it starts to create unpleasant noises. These unpleasant noises are never good. They can irritate you and even scare you at times and hence they need your dire attention. A lithium-based garage lubricant will be the best choice for lubricating. This kind of spray usually comes in a spray can which makes it even easier to lubricate it. All the hinges need to be greased on some days and hence using lubricants to oil or grease would do good to them. This is also a very easy process which will not need any professional help or much money to get it sorted. You can easily do it for yourself and your garage door. Saves efforts, money, and of course, mapmakers feel better!

If trying all the above methods is also not doing anything well to your garage door, then we have some more amazing ideas to get it treated and repaired. Many times, you forget to check the tracks which your door uses. Due to dust that settles down due to frequent movement of vehicles, sometimes the dust or debris settles down on tracks. Do check your tracks for anything like that and if you find that, clean it with some old rag.

The cloth should be thick enough to absorb all the dirt and oil and once you are done with cleaning the tracks, you are done with your work. Cleaning the tracks is going to fix all your problems and the garage doors will start to run smoothly. Also, you should keep in mind that while doing this, fix your doors with C-Clamps so that it doesn’t come down and harm you in any way. If not locked, they can come down any time and that is going to harm you severely. After you are done with cleaning the tracks you will find surprising results and the problem that seemed unsolvable or very difficult is now solved by you only!

One of the commonly occurring problems with garage doors is leakage of water. The solution to this problem is changing the weather seal. Most of the garage doors are sealed with astragal which is usually of U-shape. These help in keeping all the rodents and insects away from the garage and also keeps check on water leakage. The size of a U-shaped astragal varies with the sizes of doors to fit in it properly. The amount of astragal is dependent upon the gap under the door. You can fix this issue by changing the weather seal and in this also you do not need much professional help. It saves money to a very large extent as sometimes the servicemen start to charge very largely for such a small repairing work!


Premium garage doors are very expensive and hence they are luxurious too. Even if you manage to get one for yourself, its maintenance cost is usually very high. Sometimes, the automated buttons or functions need servicing, sometimes the tracks of doors, sometimes paints, greasing, and many more things like this. It is not always feasible to call some professional help for you as the cost of servicing at home is nowadays not quite affordable. In that case, the best thing you can do is identifying your problem and then getting a solution for it. To make your work a bit easy, you have seen the 5 most commonly occurring problems in garage doors and their solutions. The solutions listed above require very minimal cost and gives the best results.

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