Best DIY desk ideas

DIY desk ideas

There are very creative ideas by which you can make a DIY desk at a very efficient cost. It will perfectly help you at your home. In today’s scenario, it is the need of man to work productively from home and for this, he needs a good space on which He can perform all his task. Either you can play games on it, or you can do your homework or you can make a project or you can just finish an assignment. There are a lot of options with high-quality designing and low-cost targeting DIY desk which you can make at home. It is so easy to make A standard desk of the ideal size which is 30 inch in height 16 inches deep to provide you with plenty of space while working. You can choose from a variety of designs which are mentioned below.

30 best DIY Desk Ideas


It is a simple white coloured desk whichever good height and cross-sectional design.

2. Wooden framed desk Having two compartments four personal kinds of stuff.

3. Rounded U-shaped desk to cover all the sites of your working place

4. Simple desk to perform your work in the task only on the top place

5. White coloured desk with two drawers in it to put files in it.

6. Foldable foldable desk which you can modify from the inside according to your choice.

Black surfaced wooden desk having plane 4 legs.

8. Square shaped DIY desk having a shiny surface and large space to do work.


Wooden block DIY desk with three compartments and one drover.

10. White coloured DIY desk with eight drawers and perfect space to put PC.


A hut shaped design of the DIY dest in multiple colours to look attractive.


Simple plain wooden desk attached between the walls With three drawers in it.

A dark coloured wooden desk having simple top and wide surface for proper space.

14. Unique design with glass attached in the wood with Narrow top surface.

15.Normal designed legs of the desk, but Unique surface with Printed work on the top of it. You can also attach a painting on the wall to enhance the overall look.

16. Normal design wooden desk which is attached or hanging with the support of the wall.


This is again interesting design which is portable to open hidden space on the surface. You can put your writing tools and diaries inside this box.

18. This is again L-shaped design with lighter materials and thin legs for light support. Those things which have like material can be put easily on.

19. Extremely attractive design with four separate corners and one long desk to utilise.

20. Thinner wooden blocks Are used to give proper frame and partitions to give the proper design in space.

21. Dual colour tone wooden desk with brown surface and light cream legs and 3 drawers in it.

22. Plane surface brown coloured wooden desk with large space and tough quality. This kind of desk is very durable.

23. This is again a similar design which is a test between the two walls to utilise the proper space of the room. It has a very shiny and clean surface.


A simple light cream colour of the wooden surface and teen legs Support light quality of materials on the desk like books, lamps and computers.

25. This is again a very unique table with good height for long people. It has six drawers in eight with different sizes and space. It is also durable and strong.

26. This is very rigid and heavy kind of desk which is strong and durable. You can use different light colour if you don’t like this one.

27. Decision a DIY desk having a good height and 2 drawers in it. It is also made up of heavy quality material and hence you can put any weight on it.

28.This is a white coloured unique desk which can be foldable in the shape of Almirahs and also it can handle the heavyweight on it.

29. Standard shape of the DIY desk having ideal size and height. It has a long surface to put necessary things.

30.White coloured DIY portable desk which can be Dissemble Whenever it’s not in use.

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