Everything that you need to know about CCTV camera

CCTV camera

CCTV camera is one of the frequent devices that we come across in today’s world. If you check out the mundane life we will see that we are doing with abundant fraudsters and running a commercial space, even a domestic one requires strict vigilance. It is not possible for a human being to card every corner of your space. Therefore, we go for the installation of a CCTV camera. Choosing a CCTV camera is also another process where you need to know a lot of things about the lenses of the camera. Installing a CCTV camera requires a lot of maintenance and you need to know few basic things about it. If you have no idea about it yet, this article we will help you enlighten yourself about CCTV camera, their parts, their maintenance, and their importance.

Field of view


his is the first time that we introduce a CCTV camera in our article. Field of view is the area that is required to be covered with the help of a lens. The area to be captured and the lens installed in the camera has a lot to do with the clarity that you get in your footages. Hence, while installing a camera you need to have a proper measurement of the field of view of the camera. This is an important factor that requires to be considered before installing a CCTV camera and choosing a lens.

What lens do you need


this is quite a tricky question and the answer to it can only be discovered by you? We can just help you find your answer. Your lens choice is completely based on the clarity you want and the field coverage you want. Most of the people choose 2.8 mm for a wide view with a 90-degree angle. If you have got a static surveillance camera then you have to see that the lens you are using is covering a wide area. This is the way how one can choose a lens. There is a different magnitude of lens available for people who want a narrow vision like if they want to install a CCTV camera for the footage of only a lane or a narrow path. And these things vary as per the needs.

Fixed or varying focal point


If you are dealing with the CCTV camera then you have to know few technical things as well like this one. You can have two kinds of lens one is with the fixed focal plane and the other is with varying focal plane. The camera with the fixed focal plane has a fixed viewing angle. Hence, the footage can never be zoomed or adjusted. This kind of lenses is easily available and that too at a lesser cost. This is a camera that is fit for use in the house. On the other hand, there is a lens with a wearing focal point. This implies that it can be adjusted by your technician and you can even exactly record the particular area if you wish to. Hence, the major advantage, in that case, is there is the flexibility to adjust the camera if the layout or the requirement is changed.

CCD size

CCD size

In the CCTV cameras there is various kind of chips that are available of different sizes namely 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3. The sizes have a major effect on the kind of footage you receive. They influence the viewing angle. If you are buying a smaller chip, then you are narrowing the angle of view. Therefore one can choose the kind of chip that is required in the CCTV camera. The choice of the parts of the CCTV camera is always done as per the necessity in the space. If you are installing a CCTV camera in the domestic space then you can install a camera with a smaller chip. But if the same is done in a commercial space, then the camera with the larger chip must be installed.

Depth of the field


This is another term that is used while dealing with CCTV cameras. The depth of the field is the distance in the premises of which the objects of a picture are in the focus. If there is a larger depth of a field then it implies that the camera is focusing on almost everything that is there in the picture. Button cameras with a smaller depth of field can only focus lightly on the view. If you want to just keep a simple watch on your area then you can install a camera with less depth of field. But if you want to notice every intricate detail of the area then you have to install a CCTV camera with a larger depth of field.

Camera or Image


you also have to choose between the camera image or image. When we are talking of the CCD of the camera for the death off the field, we are considering the camera format. But you can also capture your area in image format and you can successfully block the picture outside in the periphery. Hence, you can choose whether you want a camera for my tour image format.

Direct drive or Video drive


This is the case where we are referring to the lenses with varying focal lengths. The lenses with varying focal lengths always allow variations when space is under proper lighting conditions. Video drive lenses hold the amplifier circuit which allows the lenses with varying focal lengths to control and operate. But on the other hand, the direct-drive lenses required a camera that has an amplifier circuit. You should always keep a check on these options available in the product. Some direct-drive lenses also come with an adaptor for the conversion of the video tries to auto iris lenses.

Aperture rate


Aperture is the ability of a camera to gather lighting. If the F-number of the camera is low then the camera will have a higher aperture and it can allow better lighting in the footage. This is another technical essential that one must know before the installation of a CCTV camera.


These are the few things that one must know before the installation of a CCTV camera. Here is hoping that we could bring you ample information to enlighten you about all the important aspects of a CCTV camera. Hence, you can make sure that all the technicalities are not appearing complex to you.

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