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How to make sand concrete

Many people want to decorate and uniquely prepare their floor because it is the floor of the home which adds more attraction to the house. There are a variety of options which you can do at your home To decorate it. Among these, sand concrete is the best you can use because it is very …

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Steel frame homes Design

Steel houses are as strong as ordinary houses. Many people are unaware of the capabilities of steel. These steel houses are also Weatherproof, climate-proof, earthquake-proof and can hold the same weight as the normal houses can hold. Many people worldwide are adopting the trend of steel houses Where the expenses are less and it is …

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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems

We generally hear about fires breaking out in various factories and plants. It is really tragic to hear about the losses incurred. Fires in homes are no exception to it. Many times, there are cases related to fire outbreak in homes due to voltage fluctuations or while using heavy appliances like heaters in winters. Maybe, …

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How to Make Corn Syrup

How make to corn syrup

Corn Syrup is an ingredient used in many sweet dishes and desserts. It improves their texture, volume and consistency, which can make your dishes even more precise in terms of taste and looks. It can be added to cakes, cookies, crackers as well as a variety of Indian sweets like kalakand, barfis, rasgullas etc. However, …

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Doorbell transformer, a fancy name with indeed a fancy work! Smart home or not, questions like what is a doorbell transformer? What purpose does it solve? Where is it located? How can I find it? Etc. Etc., have seen a new boost.  Why? We don’t know, but we can give you the answers to these …


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