Oven & Stove Repair

Appliance Repairs stoves are a popular alternative to gas-powered ranges.


Oven & Stove Repair

Appliance Repairs stoves are a popular alternative to gas-powered ranges.


Calgary Appliance Repairs stoves are a preferred choice over gas-powered ranges due to their streamlined design. They also tend to be more cost-effective on average.

However, like all appliances, they might face issues or malfunctions. When this happens, it’s essential to consult a professional. Our Calgary appliance repair experts possess vast experience in appliance maintenance and can address numerous prevalent stove issues.

Broken Burners

If your gas stove’s burners are malfunctioning or damaged, you might experience issues such as insufficient heat, subpar flames, or even the smell of gas when the stove isn’t active.

Firstly, when faced with a faulty burner, it’s vital to identify the problem’s origin. The malfunction could be due to a defective element, a malfunctioning switch, or perhaps a loose connection.

A multimeter can be employed to test the burner element, determining if it necessitates replacement. This simple check can potentially save you from hefty repair costs.

Alternatively, detaching the element and visually inspecting it can also reveal signs of wear. For instance, if it’s a radiant coil element, inspect its terminals and the terminal sockets for any signs of damage.

A compromised or cracked burner poses a significant safety risk, necessitating immediate attention. In Calgary, the stoves offered by Calgary Appliance Repairs serve as a preferred choice over gas ranges. If you’re seeking stove repair in Calgary, our experts can help diagnose the problem and offer the needed repairs.

For electric stoves, if the elements aren’t heating, the control knobs might be the culprits. These knobs not only toggle the burner’s operation but also control the heat intensity. Additionally, they can activate oven lights and timers.

If the elements of your electric stove aren’t receiving adequate air or gas, blocked burner flame openings might be to blame, often due to food residues or accumulated grime. Adjusting the air shutter might resolve the issue. However, if this doesn’t rectify the problem, it’s wise to consult a professional.

Burner Lights

If a single burner on your gas stove fails to ignite, there’s a possibility that the burner port or tube is obstructed by remnants of food. Alternatively, issues could stem from the spark ignition switch, electrode, or module.

To clear out clogged ports, utilize tools like a straight pin, needle, or fine-gauge wire. It’s essential to steer clear of wooden toothpicks as they can snap and further obstruct the gas passage.

After ensuring the ports are unobstructed, reposition the cap and burner base correctly. Confirm that they’re both centrally placed on the burner and remain stable without any wobbling when activated.

Should the igniter of your gas stove emit a yellow or orange spark rather than a bluish-white one, this typically signals the need for a replacement. The igniter, identifiable as the small white ceramic component, is responsible for producing the spark that kindles the gas.

A malfunctioning igniter can lead to your stove operating sluggishly, burning excessively hot, or not generating adequate flames. It’s advisable to consult a professional technician for appliance repair in Calgary to examine your stove and address the issue.

Another potential issue could be with the burner coil. Once it has cooled down fully, attempt to reconnect the coil to its socket. After reattaching, test it to determine if it’s functioning properly.

After your inspection or cleaning, ensure the coil is completely dry before reinstalling it onto your stove. If the coil remains non-functional, the issue might be attributed to a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

No matter the cause of your burner issues, our Calgary appliance repair specialists are equipped to get your stove back in operation. Reach out to us today to set up your repair session! We are proficient in handling both electric and gas stove repair requirements. As a fully licensed and insured appliance repair service in Calgary and nearby regions, you can trust in our expertise.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks pose one of the gravest threats in any household. Whether originating from malfunctioning appliances, compromised piping, or human oversight, they can trigger explosions, ignite fires, and release harmful greenhouse gases.

If a gas scent permeates your dwelling, it’s crucial to promptly engage professionals. The smell is typically attributed to sulfur compounds which are deliberately added to natural gas by utility providers as a safety measure. This smell is commonly likened to that of rotten eggs.

Nonetheless, silent gas leaks—those without discernible symptoms—can occur. If you suspect such a situation, don’t delay in reaching out to our Calgary appliance repair experts. We’ll identify the leak’s origin and ensure safety is restored.

The foremost measure in mitigating a gas leak is cutting off your home’s entire gas supply. This encompasses the central gas valve and all active or flaming appliances. If your household includes a water heater, it should be deactivated too. This interrupts its gas supply and decreases potential fire hazards.

With the primary gas supply cut and your devices unplugged, the next step involves inspecting for potential leak sources within your residence. Thankfully, certain indications can aid in this quest.

Some prevalent signs encompassing a gas leak include a darkened base of your gas-operated appliances, minor pooling beneath the leaky area, or a faint hissing emanating from joint regions or connectors. Another telltale sign is the aforementioned rotten egg scent pervading your living space. Any of these symptoms can imply the presence of a gas leak within your premises.

Electrical Issues

Stoves and ovens, like all appliances, can encounter a variety of issues that disrupt their proper functioning. The silver lining is that a majority of these can be addressed by an adept technician.

Should your stove’s burners malfunction, the root causes might lie in the wire connections or fuses supplying them. Over time, burner wires can deteriorate or weaken in their conductivity, leading to inconsistent burner performance.

Addressing this often isn’t daunting. Sometimes, simply replacing the burner with a more suitable or differently designed variant can remedy the situation, ensuring better compatibility with its socket. However, if the problem is recurrent, it’s a clear signal to seek expert repair services.

The Calgary Appliance Repairs Stove Repair Services team stands ready to tackle these challenges, ensuring the longevity and efficacy of your stove.

One widespread issue with electric stoves, which a skilled technician can rectify, is a burner failing to heat. This could be attributed to a malfunctioning electrical coil or even connectivity issues between the stove and the coil.

Another commonly reported issue is an unresponsive oven light. While sometimes this represents a simple bulb replacement, it can also hint at deeper wiring issues.

Though the temptation might exist to DIY certain fixes, the intricacies of electrical systems are best left to professionals. Undertaking these repairs without adequate knowledge poses risks, potentially exacerbating the problem or creating safety hazards. It’s always recommended to prioritize safety and expertise.

Oven Odours

Unpleasant oven smells can arise from various sources, but certain aromas can be distinctive and necessitate tailored cleaning methods to eradicate them.

Encountering a pungent smell while using your stove signals the need for expertise. If you’re based in Calgary, seeking assistance from specialists like Calgary Appliance Repairs Stove Repair Services is prudent. Their equipped team ensures the appliance remains intact while restoring your kitchen’s pleasant aroma.

Persistent oven odours can be frustrating. They might originate from improperly cooked food or accidental spills at the oven’s base.

Many modern ovens feature a self-cleaning function that aids in eliminating food residues. Yet, it’s pivotal to follow the user manual meticulously when activating this feature, averting the risk of excessive heating or fire.

For a manual clean, a damp cloth can be effective in wiping down the oven’s interior, mitigating lingering smells. Ensure minimal water usage and also attend to the door.

Vinegar, with its neutralizing properties, can be another potent cleaning agent. Using a sponge dampened with a mix of water and vinegar can effectively remove odours and cleanse even the plastic components inside.

For those using gas ovens, it’s not uncommon to detect a brief, rotten egg-like scent upon ignition. This is often a by-product of the ignition process and should dissipate in a short span. However, if the smell lingers, it’s crucial to immediately turn off the gas, vacate the premises, and ensure ample ventilation by keeping doors and windows open.

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